Conductor and Insulator


While cleaning his room, Jugaadu found an open electric wire in his room. As electricity was flowing in the wire, he cannot remove it with his bare hand. He has four rods to do this job but doesn't know which rod would be safe for this purpose. Therefore he needs to check which one of it is an insulator. Can you help him out in this?

Bag Items:

  1. BO Motor
  2. BO Motor Wheel
  3. Conducting Thread
  4. Insulating Thread
  5. 9 V Battery
  6. Battery Connector
  7. Conducting Wires
To conduct the activity to differentiate between conductor and insulator- before checking it for higher voltages, check them for lower voltages by connecting a small battery to the motor which is supposed to rotate a wheel as soon as the current flows in the circuit. Whenever we connect a conducting wire in the circuit, electric current flows in the circuit and wheel rotates. But when the insulator is connected in the circuit, electric current doesn't flow in the circuit and wheel doesn't move at all.