Speed me Up!


Jugaadu watches a sugarcane juice seller crushing sugarcane in a machine. The machine has a big toothed-wheel turned by a small toothed-wheel. Jugaadu wants to show how the wheels turn each other using the Blix Gear kit. Can you help Jugaadu with this task?

Motorized Gear with battery
Big gear
Small gear
CT2 connector
CT3 connector
Driven shafts

1. Connect the battery to the motorized gear.
2. Attach the motorized gear to the chassis.
3. Fix the CT3 connector with the help of spacer to the chassis.
4. Attach the big driver-shaft to the chassis.
5. Attach the small gear by the small driven-shaft to the chassis.
6. Fix the second layer of chassis to the attached connector.
7. Attach the big and small gears to the big-driver shaft and small driven-shaft.
8. Attach the wheel to the small driven-shaft (output shaft).
9. Test by switching it ON.