A fun Do-It-Yourself box containing 6 engaging challenges for Kids where they will learn some cool science stuff like surface tension, hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions, how does the detergent work and how to make a non-bursting magical bubble all by doing some awesome experiments.

1. What is surface tension and why is it important?

2. Why we use soap and how it affects the surface tension

3. How soap reacts with fat molecules

4. Making magical loop of bubbles which do not burst even when you pierce it

Have you ever seen a mosquito sitting on the water, how is that possible? If you Sprinkle iron powder on water, it floats even when the density of iron is more. Your challenge is to add something in the water so that the iron does not float when sprinkled over the water.

You don't always need crackers to make fireworks. Let's create milky fireworks in this fun challenge! What will happen when you put food color drops in milk and then add some liquid soap to it?

It's time to blow bubbles! Bubbles are very delicate and they burst very easily if you touch them. Is it possible to blow bubbles inside a bubble, without bursting any? Let’s see if you can blow a set of 5 bubbles. (Hint: Make something like Matryoshka dolls but with bubbles.)