Introduction to Raspberry Pi


Raspberry pi session 1

Introduction of raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi is the world's smallest single board computer which has an operating system like other computers

It has USB Ports to connect Keyboard , Mouse and other USB supportable devices

It has HDMI Cable to connect Monitor

It has ethernet port to connect LAN with raspberry pi

Application of raspberry pi

Automated farming

Weather station

Robots making

Kids monitoring

Drones making and many more

Board information

Microprocessor: Broadcom2837 quadcore ARM cortex runs at 1.2Ghz, used to process all airthmatic operation

RAM: ELPIDA8432 1GB RAM-Large processig memory as compare to other mini electronics board

WiFi -Blutooth chip:Allow a raspberry pi for wireless connectivity

USB Port: 4 USB ports to connect keyboard ,mouse

Ethernet Port: To connect LAN

HDMi Port: To connect monitor and LED Screen

Power jack: It need 2.5 A and + 5.1V

Audio jack: To connect Speaker and headphone

TFT DIsplay port: To connect Thin film transisitor display

Camera module port:To connect camera

Micro SD cart slot: To install operating system