Car Chassis


Jugaadu's friend bought a chassis kit. He called Jugaadu to develop something out of it together. As they both are new to it, they decided to make a simple bot which follows a linear motion. Jugaadu is also inviting you, come and join with him?

Bag Items:

  1. BO Motor
  2. BO Motor Wheel
  3. Screw Driver
  4. Free Wheel
  5. Nut Bolt
  6. 9V Battery
  7. L Clip
  8. Jumper Wires
  9. Battery Connector
  10. Chassis Plate


This is a simple bot structure which moves linearly on supplying power. Battery supplies power to the motor and then the motor converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. And thus it rotates the wheels that are connected with the motor. This causes linear motion of the bot.