Sound Lock(Secret Lock)-khul ja sim sim


There is an increasing theft activity in the Jugaadu's vicinity. It has become unsafe. Thieves steal expensive items from the houses frequently. People in his neighbourhood have become cautious and worried. They are thinking of having advanced devices- secret locks. They also asked Jugaadu to help them. What will Jugaadu do to help them?

  1. Arduino UNO UNO
  2. Jumper Wires
  3. USB Cable
  4. Foamsheet
  5. Servo Motor
  6. Gluegun
  7. Sound Sensor
  8. Cutter
  9. Battery
  10. LED
  11. Icecream Sticks
We can prepare a secret lock which can get open at the particular number of knocks given in a precise interval of time. For example, if we have designed the lock for 3 knocks, and the second knock has to be given post-1 sec after the first knock and the third knock has to be given post-2 sec after the second knock. If the above pattern does not follow, the lock will not open. Thus this increases the safety of the locker.

int servoPin = 11; 
int sound=10; 
int count = 0; 
Servo servo; 

void setup() { 

void loop() { 
{ Serial.println(sound); 
if(count == 2) 
count = 0;} 
count ++;