Color changing Co2


In his school, Jugaadu learned that mixing CO2 and water results in an acidic solution. He wants to explain it to his younger sister Shruti practically. How he can do this?
science kit
  1. 1. Make a pH solution by adding 2-3 drops of pH indicator in water.
  2. Take the round bottom beaker and add 5-6 gm Baking soda in it.
  3. Now pour the vinegar in the beaker and close it using cork.
  4. Releasing CO2 in the pH solution will turn the indicator color from green to pink as the solution will become acidic.
  5. Now make the pH solution again.
  6. And take a balloon to blow it up by yourself and do the same.
  7. As it will also have an excess amount of CO2 it will show the same result as before.