Water Filter System


Water from lakes and rivers often has polluting substances that make it unfit for drinking. The water may contain dirt, rocks and other objects that can be easily identified. Water may also contain bacteria and other microscopic organisms that cannot be seen easily. For these reasons, water that is delivered to our homes must go through a water treatment process.

  1. pH Indicator
  2. TDS meter
  3. Water filter kit
  4. Crushed Granite
  5. Porcelain Sand
  6. Activated Carbon
  7. Quartz Sand
  8. Songe and Filter paper
  1. Take muddy water/testing water.
  2. Check the pH value and TDS value.
  3. Take a filter cup, arrange the sponge at the bottom and fill it with crushed granite.
  4. Replicate the same procedure with other materials.
  5. Filter the muddy water initially taken.
  6. Test the TDS and pH value of the material.