Rain intensity and water level test


How much rain is really falling when you watch a heavy shower through the window of your home? How about on other days when it’s just a light shower?
Make your own rain gauge, record the results and study your findings.

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. USB Cable
  3. Jumper Cable
  4. Rain Drop Sensor
  5. Water Level Sensor
  1. Connect the water level sensor to Arduino UNO
    Water Level Arduino UNO
    s A0

    5 v

    - gnd 
  2. Upload the code and test the values at a different level of water.
  3. Connect the raindrop sensor to Arduino UNO.
  4. Connect raindrop sensor to Arduino UNO
    Rain Drop Arduino UNO
    A0 A1
    VCC 5 v

    int DO=A0;
void setup(){
 pinMode(DO, OUTPUT);
void loop(){
 //analog output