Smart Hand wash system


To avoid the wastage of the water in our day-to-day activities, make a water tap system that work only when someone is using it.

  1. Battery and Connector
  2. Arduino UNO
  3. Motor Driver IC
  4. Water Pump Module
  5. USB Cable
  6. Jumper Wires
  7. IR sensor
  1. Connect the motor driver to the Arduino UNO board.
    Arduino UNO Motor Driver IC Pump
    Pin 8 In1  
    Pin 9 In2
    Pin 10 En1  
    5 v 5 v  
       A+ Red
      A-  Black
  2. Connect the IR sensor to the Arduino UNO board.
    IR Sensor Arduino UNO
    VCC 5 v
    gnd Gnd
    OUT  Pin 8
  3. Upload the code.
  4. Make a pipe system for the system.