Give me Power


Shruti finds a long pipe under a truck. The pipe turns whenever the truck moves. Shruti learns that the pipe is called an axle. It helps in delivering power from the engine in the front to the wheels at the back. Shruti wants to make a model of the axle or shaft using the Apitor Superbot kit. Can you help her in making it?

Motorized Gear with battery
Big gear
Small gear
CT2 connector
CT3 connector
Driven shafts

1. Connect the battery to the motorized gear.
2. Attach the motorized gear to the chassis.
3. Fix the CT3 connectors with the help of spacers to the chassis.
4. Attach the big driven shaft to the chassis.
5. Attach the small gear by the small driver shaft to the chassis.
6. Fix the second layer of chassis to the attached connectors.
7. Attach the big and small gears to the big-driven shaft and small driver-shaft.
8. Test by switching it ON.