Dancing Robo-cart


Shruti wants to make a cart that can patrol and do dance moves by making turns to a rhythm. Can you help Shruti in making the cart using the RoboCar Chassis kit?

1. Double layer car chassis
2. BO motor
3. Nuts and bolts
4. Chassis connectors
5. Connecting wires
6. 9V battery
7. Wire stripper
8. Battery connector
9. Wheels
10. Castor wheel
11. Arduino Uno
12. Motor driver (L298N)
13. Jumper wires
14. 12 V battery

1. Connect wires to BO motor.
2. Attach BO motors and castor wheel to chassis using chassis connectors, nuts, and bolts.
3. Connect the wires of all the BO motors to the Motor driver.
4. Connect the Motor driver to the battery connector and the Arduino Uno as shown in the video.
5. Attach wheels to the BO motors.
6. Enclose the BO motors using another chassis.
7. Connect the 12V battery to the battery connector.
8. Upload the code to the Arduino Uno and see the cart dance.