Color Changing CO₂


Chemistry is fun, isn’t it? Well if you don’t think so this DIY Kit will surely change your opinion. Chemistry is colorful and thanks to pH indicators we get to see it!
The kit comes with 6 interesting challenges that will not only improve your critical thinking and creativity but will teach you the following concepts along the way:

• Acid-Base Reactions
• Neutralization Reactions
• Acidic Nature of CO2
• Principle of Fire Extinguisher

Why are we worried about increasing CO2 levels? Well, this sounds like a big problem, but how about you find what happens to the pH of water when we dissolve CO2 in it. Take this challenge and find out!

Enough of lime water turning milky. We all know what happens when exhaled air is passed to lime water. The challenge is to find out what happens to the pH of water when exhaled air is passed into it!