Robotics DIY Kit


Robots help us do our work quickly and more efficiently. Robots of different sizes are used in many different fields. Big robots help us make goods in large factories and industries. Tiny robots help us perform delicate surgeries. Each robot has mechanical and electronics parts driven by software.

With the help of Robotics DIY kit, we will learn the basics of robotics and robotics programming. 

  1. Double layer car chassis
  2. BO motors and wheels
  3. Nuts and Bolts
  4. Castor Wheels
  5. Arduino UNO
  6. USB Cable (A-to-B)
  7. IR sensors
  8. Ultrasonic Sensor
  9. Jumper cables
  10. Motor Driver IC
  11. 9v Batteries
  12. Screwdriver
  13. Connecting wires
  14. Bluetooth Module

Make a cart that can be controlled from a smartphone.

The smartphone would make the cart work in two different modes:

  • Mode 1: the cart can be guided by thick black lines.
  • Mode 2: the cart can avoid falling off the table.