Drone Light Show


Shruti wants to perform a light show using a drone. The light show is similar to sky lanterns flown during the festival of Sankranti. The drone, however, has no fancy lights attached to it. Can you help Shruti in readying the drone for the task?

Pluto X Drone

  1. Secure the Primus V3R flight controller to the drone chassis.
  2. Insert motors to the motor holders in the chassis.
  3. Connect the M1, M2, M3, and M4 motors to the respective slots on the flight controller. 
  4. Fit the prop guard to each corner of the chassis.
  5. Attach ‘A’ propellers to M1 and M3, and ‘B’ propellers to M2 and M4.
  6. Slide the battery into the battery holder. Connect it to the Primus V3R flight controller.
  7. Carefully attach the protective canopy to the Primus V3R flight controller.
  8. Connect and check the working of the drone using the android app.
  9. Solder jumper wires to the Primus V3R flight controller as shown in the video.
  10. Connect the LED with a 100 kΩ resistor to the jumper wires.