Accident Avoiding Car


Jugaadu wants to build a car that can patrol on its own. The car can also avoid colliding into the walls and other items kept around it. Can you help Jugaadu in making this car?

Robotics DIY kit

  1. Connect wires to the BO motor.
  2. Attach BO motors and castor wheel to chassis using chassis connectors, nuts, and bolts.
  3. Connect the wires of all the BO motors to the Motor driver.
  4. Connect the Motor driver to the battery connector, Ultrasonic sensor, and the Arduino Uno as shown in the video.
  5. Attach wheels to the BO motors.
  6. Enclose the BO motors using another chassis.
  7. Connect the 12V battery to the battery connector.
  8. Upload the code to the Arduino Uno and see the car avoid obstacles.