Flying Doraemon


Jugaadu loves to watch Doremon. Doremon is a character from the future. Jugaadu wants to showcase this character to his friends in a manner that makes it appear out of the sci-fi movies. He plans to attach the toy Doremon to a drone and fly it near his friends. Can you help Jugaadu in this task?

Pluto X Drone

  1. Secure the Primus V3R flight controller to the drone chassis.
  2. Insert motors to the motor holders in the chassis.
  3. Connect the M1, M2, M3, and M4 motors to the respective slots on the flight controller. 
  4. Fit the prop guard to each corner of the chassis.
  5. Attach ‘A’ propellers to M1 and M3, and ‘B’ propellers to M2 and M4.
  6. Slide the battery into the battery holder. Connect it to the Primus V3R flight controller.
  7. Carefully attach the protective canopy to the Primus V3R flight controller. 
  8. Attach Doremon to the drone chassis with duct tape.
  9. Connect and control the drone using the android app.